Microdose Capsules – Potent

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30 vegan capsules with 150mg of 100% pure Golden Teacher (psilsocybin cubensis) mushroom powder.

Golden Teacher (Psilocybe Cubensis)……………………….. 150mg
Organic Ginger Root Powder……………………………………………. 150mg

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30 potent microdose capsules with 150mg of 100% pure psilocybin mushroom powder.

This is a ‘potent’ dose. Suitable for those with more experience or tolerance towards psilocybin, or those with larger frames. If you have found the ‘standard’ dose less potent over time, you may find satisfaction with this amount. Having said that, our product tends to be more on the ‘potent’ side and may be stronger than others.

If you are unsure, it may be best to start with the ‘mild’, or ‘standard dose. Also, everyone metabolizes things differently. You know your body, and should choose the dose that you think is right for you.

It is recommended to take the potent microdose capsules on an empty stomach for stronger effects. If you find the effects too strong, try taking it after eating, rather than before. Please see our dosing guide to learn more.

5 reviews for Microdose Capsules – Potent

  1. John Mason (verified owner)

    After taking a ‘potent’ capsule, I felt sensations of calming, zen, at peace, and content. 150mg was a little potent, I had to stop taking it on an empty stomach.

  2. Yihua Z. (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing product. Efficient shipping, beautiful packaging and a truly great lift. I went for the 150mg option and it’s potent, clean and gives me remarkable focus and clarity to focus on my tasks at hand.

    Image #1 from Yihua Z.
  3. Sam Clarke (verified owner)

    I usually take 1 in the evening after work, which helps me to unwind. I find that taking one 150mg capsule produces mostly relaxing and mildly sedative effects. I also enjoy taking higher doses when partying for an intensely energizing and immersive experience. I definitely notice a difference in focus, which can be intensified depending on the dose. Greatly improved my knife throwing co-ordination and enjoyment of nature. Great product!

  4. DJ Rick

    As a psilocybin microdose first-timer I was quite excited to try these. I took the first capsule in an outdoor setting by the water. The effect soothed in and I became more aware of my surroundings. The sounds of nature: the wind leading the movement of leaves, cracking branches, birds and all sorts of animals – became crisper and more apparent. The visuals of the water reflecting light were subtle and I enjoyed them thoroughly. The potency was just right as it allowed me the sensation of being in the right place at the right time (something I’ve experienced with higher doses). It provided me about two hours of content peacefulness, I highly recommend it.

    Image #1 from DJ Rick
  5. SkiBerg (verified owner)

    Excellent quality product, I am particularly impressed by the experience from start to finish; glass bottle with high quality dark-brown glass for optimal preservation, a full capsule highlighting expert filler-mushroom ratio mixing, strong golden-teacher mushrooms that are surprisingly potent for a microdose product.

    Ultimately, this product is a labor of love and that is a feature that is prominently present from producer-to-maker-to-consumer, and that is what makes it unique. I highly recommend this product and advise that those with sensitivity to psychedelics consider this dosage to be on the more potent side.

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