How to microdose

Typically we recommend taking a capsule in the morning before breakfast, on an empty stomach. The effects generally last somewhere in between 3-6 hours. Feel free to eat after dosing.

If you find the effects too strong for you at first, you might moderate this by choosing to dose after you’ve eaten. There’s no health repercussions of dosing before, after, or during eating.

It’s not recommend to dose every day, as you might build up a tolerance. Beyond that, we also think it’s valuable to incorporate and integrate the lessons one learns when microdosing in times of sobriety.

Different ‘experts’ recommend different frequencies. Paul Stamets (perhaps the world’s foremost mycologist at the intersection of the psychedelic space) suggests 4 days of microdosing, followed by 3 days off. We here at MindLift tend to just follow our gut. There might be a week where you do it just once, followed by a week where you do it 4-5 times. We believe the individual is able to best intuit what is suitable for themselves.

Some common questions:

Will I be tripping / hallucinating / high?

No. It usually takes at least 1g for to get to the beginning mild ‘trip’ stage, of a microdose. Our ‘standard’ product, is 100mg – or 1/10th that. At this level you will notice something just at the edge of a difference of perception. You will still be able to function in your day-to-day life without issue.

Why do people microdose?

There are a host of reasons. Microdosing has been shown to give people the ability to look at things (internal and external) from a fresh perspective, unencumbered from the sociological and or psychological biases. This can help people snap out of depressive episodes, as it can help people to realize that their depression often comes from thought patterns ingrained in their consciousness.