Buy Magic Mushrooms in Canada

We reached out to a variety of contacts to learn about their experience to buy magic mushrooms in Canada. While the experience will inevitably differ from person to person, the inevitable conclusion is that it’s much more difficult (and sketchy) than it has to be. In this article we will summarize those experiences of buying mushrooms in Toronto, buying mushrooms in Vancouver, buying mushrooms in Montreal, and more.

Buying Magic Mushrooms in Toronto

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We meet Kevin, he had several sources and found it easy to attain when he was a teenager. However he moved to another town to attend undergrad, and then worked abroad for several years. When he moved back, he was no longer in touch with the people who used to sell it to him back in high school. When he tried reaching out to some of his old friends he found that they hadn’t taken it in years. They also didn’t know where to buy it from. He thought about making a post online (on Craigslist, for example). But decided it would be too sketchy and he didn’t want to risk getting scammed or worse.

Buying Magic Mushrooms in Montreal

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We meet John and his girlfriend Suey. They both moved to Montreal this year, and while they have met a lot of people, it either didn’t come up to ask find out about mushrooms or they didn’t know how to bring it up. Although they are both interested in doing it together, they don’t have a source. They also feel reluctant to reach out to people they don’t know too well because of fears around quality.

Buying Magic Mushrooms in Vancouver

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We meet Cathryn. She’s lived in Vancouver most of her life. She lives in West Van, and doesn’t do drugs very often however she still has some interest in taking psychedelics. Many people in her life enjoy cocaine, which she’s not interested in. When she does take mushrooms, she found the best and most accessible sources to be online.

Buy Magic Mushrooms in Victoria BC

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Victoria is a beautiful city, so much so that it draws people do move there from all over Canada. We meet Alex, who moved there from Ottawa before the start of the pandemic. He had a friend visiting who he wanted to do mushrooms with, however he had no idea where to procure them. Finally, he decided to search online. His experience was smooth and the mushrooms they did were good. He would do it again.

Buy Magic Mushrooms in Nanaimo

Nick reports: ‘I don’t really have a source. Sometimes I might go to a party and meet someone who has some. And I’ll have to buy like a preset amount – like 3.5 grams. And I don’t really know what I’m getting, it could be a little funky’. Eventually he decided he would try to start growing his own. Although that’s a path that not everyone has the time or inclination to undertake.

Buy Magic Mushrooms in Canada: In Conclusion

Generally speaking, if one wants to buy magic mushrooms in Canada it’s not straightforward in any city to go about it the traditional route. That’s why we recommend buying online (although we might be a little bit biased in that regard). It’s convenient, in that it comes straight to your door. Safe – most sites offer reviews and the ones that don’t, you can probably filter out. And reliable, online vendors, like MindLift, typically don’t run out of product in the way your local ‘guy’ would.